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Bansko - budget solution

Posted: 20.01.2015
Situation ruble exchange rate has led many Russians to reconsider its budget, including - and for the purchase of foreign real estate, but in Europe it is still possible to become the owner of decent housing for reasonable money. Introducing Bansko - a resort in southwestern Bulgaria, with year-round infrastructure and relatively low housing prices.

Why Bansko?

Bansko - a small picturesque town located 160 km south of Sofia, at the foot of the Pirin Mountains. This year-round resort with a population of about 10 000 people and infrastructure - shops, restaurants, bars, spas, ski slopes, golf clubs, schools, hospitals and many others.

70 km from Bansko is currently building a new airport, which will serve charter flights Aircompanies. Ease of living and recreation in Bansko - in its relative proximity to Sofia, as well as the Mediterranean coast of Greece: in the presence of a Schengen visa takes you to the beach, which is only 200 km from here.

Bansko is situated at an altitude of 936 meters above sea level, and its highest point, the peak of Vihren - at 2915 meters above sea level. Ski resort SLOPES stretched for 75 miles. In the cold season, from December to early April, it attracts skiers skiing on groomed trails, your holidays in a cozy family atmosphere, tasting local specialties - and rest at affordable prices. During peak season Bansko is visited by about 50,000 visitors. However, the long-promised second lift has not yet been built - but experts say that its construction have a positive impact on the tourism industry that will affect the real estate market in the city.

Many believe Bansko winter resort exclusively - but it is not so: life does not stop here, and in the summer, and in the period from June to September, the number of opportunities for recreation increases markedly. Pirin Park that surrounds Bansko, includes a list of UNESCO World Heritage - and the town is called the gateway to the world of pristine mountain scenery. In the vicinity of Bansko developed hiking and eco-tourism, trekking, there are plenty of bike trails, fitness center, golf club Pirin Golf and Country Club, as well as hot springs. The historic city center is rich in monuments of culture and history.

In August, Bansko becomes a musical capital of Bulgaria for a few days in the middle of the month there is an international jazz festival.

High season in Bansko is the period from December to early April, and from June to September.

What can you buy?

Structure of the market of real estate Bansko "sharpened" to accept guests who stay here for a period of several days to a week or two. In the center of Bansko - a rather dense buildings, typical of the popular mountain resort: so to rent or buy in the town can be mostly relatively inexpensive studios, one and two bedroom Apart'stomers and maisonettes in the serviced apartment complexes (in the territory of which often has a swimming pool, restaurant, fitness center, etc.). Selection of apartments here is impressive, and the style of buildings ranging from modern high-tech to the authentic Bulgarian property.

A few kilometers from the center of Bansko and find homes in the same town offers to sell them quite a bit. As with any resort in Bansko has a property "luxury" segment, but prices are much lower - say, in comparison with Western Europe.

Golfers certainly seem attractive acquisition apartments, villas and cottages in the territory of five-star golf club Pirin Golf and Country Club, which opened in 2008. It is located 12 km from the center of Bansko and surrounded by mountains Rila, Pirin and Rhodope Mountains, a championship golf with 18 holes and infrastructure - spas, restaurants, boutiques, tennis courts and a sports complex.


Property prices in Bansko are currently more than affordable level. The minimum cost of housing in the resort depends primarily on the quality of the building and its operation management company or developer. The average price per 1 sq. m a well maintained complex - 600 euros and is about 55 000 euros for a two bedroom apartment. Prices for a studio or small apartment start from 15,000 euros. The cost may increase somewhat depending on the proximity to the ski lift. Apartments next to him, as a rule, are in great demand among tourists, both in winter and summer.

Cost prestigious apartments - for example, a golf club Pirin Golf and Country Club, starts from 1200 euros per 1 square. m. One bedroom apartment here would cost in the amount of approximately EUR 50 000, and a cottage with three bedrooms - 308 000 euros.

The cost of houses secondary market (with two or three bedrooms) in the vicinity of Bansko starts from 70 000 euros.

Leading real estate agencies recommend to purchase apartments in complexes with year-round management: so the buyer can be assured of continuous service and adequate management during the rental of premises. And all that costs less than 600 euros per square meter. m, sold here "at your own risk", according to realtors. They also should consult and service level of the building, which is planned to purchase an apartment.

Experts point out that today,When a significant decline in demand from the Russians (5-10 sales per month), you can expect a slight decline in prices for our fellow citizens: but in general the situation in the market will not be affected. Thus, in recent years, taking advantage of the general decline in prices, buyers returned to the market of Greece and Macedonia: on their part, a rather stable demand.

What to buy?

Follow renting property in Bansko - not the most profitable venture. Return on real estate here, as in most European countries, is 4% -5% per annum. Rent one-bedroom apartments in the high season is 50-100 euros a day, and decreases with the season to 20-40 euros per day. House with several bedrooms in Bansko and its surroundings for rent for 150-200 euros per day. When interacting with an active realtor or agency property can be rented to tourists all year round, but the yield is still not high.

Experts point out that two or three years ago in Bansko there was a possibility of buying an apartment at below market price - and expected profitability, increasing in this connection of up to 10% -12%. Unfortunately, in most cases, so it remained alleged. Apartments in complexes with poor management were exposed at very low prices - and often sold all the apartments in the facility, the developer or management company stopped working in the building. Without quality management property immediately lose value and are less attractive for the owner, which is difficult to control it from his native country.

So today Bansko best viewed as a place to buy a "second home": those who have decided to spend part of the year in Bulgaria or to move here permanently. Bansko developed infrastructure enables live here year-round comfort: and buy real estate in the resort of families with children, lovers of skiing and active summer holiday, people who are ready to organize a small business in Bansko, as well as retirees who prefer to spend time close to nature in a favorable climate.

Residence permit when buying real estate transactions Bulgaria provides for the sum of 300 000 euros: but the average shopper spends in Bansko significantly smaller amount. Some Russians who came to love with all my heart to Bulgaria, get a couple of apartments in the country: one on the coast, and the other in the mountains of Bansko.

How to get there

The closest airport to Bansko - Sofia (170 km). From Moscow to Sofia fly direct flights airlines such as Aeroflot and Bulgaria Air, the flight lasts about three hourss, the average ticket cost 17 000 round-trip. Transfer by car or bus from Sofia to Bansko takes about 2.5 hours.


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