For the first 4 months of the year 3000 foreigners received Bulgarian citizenship


In the period from the beginning to the end of May this year, 2953 foreigners have received Bulgarian citizenship, according to the portal Bulgaria Today , citing data from the Bulgarian Telegraph Agency (BTA), obtained from the Ministry of Justice of Bulgaria.

Among received Bulgarian citizenship in the first place are traditionally residents neighboring Macedonia (1174), in second place - citizens of Ukraine (517), the third - Moldova (435). It is in these countries are home to large numbers of ethnic Bulgarians, said Bulgaria Today.

Council for Bulgarian Citizenship at the Ministry of Justice of Bulgaria noted decreasing trend seeking Bulgarian passports. After the 2011 Bulgarian citizenship received a record number of foreigners - 18 473, in subsequent years, the number wanting to start to decline sharply. So, in 2012, received Bulgarian passports 17,329 foreigners in 2013 - 7954 and 2014 - only 5429 foreigners. 

Bulgarian Ministry of Justice believes that the foreigners, defining themselves as Bulgarians and applying for a Bulgarian passport, you must enter the special requirements on knowledge of Bulgarian history, constitutional structure and culture of the modern Bulgarian state, as well as excellent knowledge of the Bulgarian language. Accordingly, it should be established and reliable mechanisms to verify this knowledge, the report says BTA.

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