How to buy a house in Bulgaria?

1. Property Search
Search on our site or simply email us with your requirements and criteria. If we do not already have anything you like, then we will go the extra mile and request our people to find new properties in Bulgaria, according to your requests. 
We have an extensive database of houses in Bulgaria for sale and only upload properties, which we believe will be of interest to our customers. Once again, if you do not find what you are looking for just ask.

2. Additional Information
Request additional information about the property, which you like. Generally we post all available information, but if you need to know anything not already there, just email us and we will do our best to come up with the information you need. 

3. Plan your viewing trip to Bulgaria.
We can help with that and recommend a travel agent and book accommodation in Bulgaria. No maps or pictures can replace seeing the house and the surrounding with your own eyes. Meeting our people in Bulgaria will clear all questions or clarification you might have. We can meet you at the airport, take you to your hotel and arrange a time to meet and talk and view the property. You will be offered to see similar houses, if you are interested, which are not on the web site.

4. Property viewings
When you choose some of our properties you only have to get into contact with us – on the phone or by e-mail and we are going to organize your entire trip. Our agent will meet you at the airport and will take you to the hotel, which we have booked for you according to your requirements and budget. You can visit our company office and we will show you our database with all the properties available at the moment in the region you are interested in. We highly recommend you spare at least 2 days for viewings. This way you can visit different regions in our country and will be able to view a wide range of properties and to make the best possible choice. Once you have chosen your dream property, you will need 1 /one/ weekday in order to sort out all necessary legal and paper-work. This includes starting of the company registration procedure, signing of contracts, agreements and all documents connected with the procedure of the property purchasing. 

5. Setting up a Bulgarian Ltd. Company.
According to the Bulgarian Constitution and legislation foreign persons and companies can invest in real estate in Bulgaria either personally or through a local legal entity. Generally speaking, foreigners as persons can acquire only buildings but not land. Only Bulgarian and EU citizens and legal persons (including such with foreign owner) can obtain the ownership of Bulgarian land.
Therefore, the most popular and preferred by non-residents ways to become the real estate owners are:
- As far as flats and limited ownership rights (the right of use, the right to build a house, etc.) don't include land, you can directly purchase them as a person.
- If you want to buy bulgarian real estate with land, you must set up a company that will be the owner of the property. Setting up a company in Bulgaria is very easy. Preferably it's a limited liability company with only one proprietor. Bulgarian participation in the company is not required. You don't need to have permanent address or permission for permanent stay in the country. A mandatory condition is to present a bank receipt as evidence before the court. This bank receipt should be for amount of minimum of 2  BGN company capital, which could be drawn up 7 days after registration of the company.

You won't have any liabilities for registration and establishment of new working positions, etc. 
Registration takes no longer than 5 days and costs 1000 BG levs (500 EUR). The customer must provide Passport or Identity Card and bank receipt for a deposit. All other required documents are prepared by our company’s experienced solicitor.

6. Reserving a property
If you are interested in any of the properties we offer and would like to reserve it, you can choose between a few options to do this:

6.1 Reserve by bank transfer – you can make the payment by bank transfer. The deposit shall be transferred to our company bank account, which we will forward to the owner of the property. This would be enough to put the property off the market and to secure it for a period of 30-45 days. After that you will have to pay the balance to the property price and to sign the final contract with the owner of the real estate property.

6.2 Reserve by cash payment – you can pay directly to the owner a securing deposit which can be between 5-10 percents of the property price and sign a Preliminary contract at the moment of payment.

7. Property negotiations
If you are interested in some particular property we offer and would like to buy it but before that you have some certain requirements to be fulfilled – dropping a price, achieving a longer term for finalizing the deal, etc.:
In this case we can start negotiations with the property owner in order to achieve all your requirements. For that purpose we require a deposit which is 5 percents of the property price to be left by you in our company office. You will sign an agreement with our company in which all your requirements will be described in details. Our team of experienced agents will start negotiations with the owner of the property in order to achieve the best possible result for you.
If we manage to fulfil all your demands this 5 percents deposit will be forwarded to the owner and will be used for securing the property and you are ready to take the next step – signing of the Preliminary contract;
If the result of the negotiations is negative for you, then the deposit of 5 percents will be taken back to you.

8. Fees and Charges:
As a buyer of a real estate property you will have some additional costs connected with purchasing of the property:
8.1. Agency commission - it is 3% of the property price and it is not less than 500 EUR.
It should be paid at the moment of signing of the Preliminary contract.
8.2. State taxes and notary fees – they should be paid at the moment of signing of the Final contract (New Title deeds).
State taxes are set by the local municipality and may vary depending on the location of the property. Usually they are between 3-4% of the property price.
Notary fees also vary depending on the price of the property but they can not exceed 3000 levs (1540 EUR).
8.3. Company registration fee (foreign investors who are buying land (house with land) only) – 500 EUR.

9. Payments:
Please note, payments in Bulgaria could be arranged either as cash payments or as bank transfers. Credit card payments have limits for money withdrawns. You may have obstacles if you try to withdraw from your card more than 3000 levs due to these limits.